Sašo Skube

Sašo Skube

Software developer and infrastructure engineer

Slovenia, SI
English, Serbian, Croatian, German, Slovenian



I am passionate about technology and solving tough problems in a simple way. I have been truly involved in all steps of a modern software development process, from typing code and setting up infrastructure to leading teams! It is fun for me to learn new things, and even more to share them amongst my team!



  • General
    Kubernetes and NomadOn prem and cloud service managementTech and Team LeadFrom SaaS with 50 people to Fortune 1000 companies with 5000+ employees5+ years of setting up infrastructure
  • Software development
    5+ years Python, TypeScript3+ years Go, Java, CEN ISO 13485:2016: Quality management systemsEN ISO 14971:2012: Risk ManagementEN IEC 62304:2006+A1:2015: Software life cycle processesEN IEC 62366-1:2015 + CORR1: Application of usability engineering to medical devices
  • Observability
    Grafana, Loki, Tempo, FluentdNew Relic, Datadog, PagerDutyELK, BeatsThanos / PrometheusSplunk
  • CI/CD
    ArgoCD, FluxJenkins, CircleCI, Github ActionsAnsible, ChefTerraformSpinnakerArtifactory
  • Kubernetes
    AWS EKS automationOn-prem installationCeph/Rook, LonghornHelm, Kustomize
  • Keywords
    Hashi stack (Consul, Vault, Nomad)DockerPodmanNginxAWSenv0SnowflakeFeature FlagsRabbitMQzeroMQNetwork and VPN
Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Remote work as tech lead in devops and SRESelf employed

    Feb, 2019 - Present

    • raising new teams (SRE and DevOps), while setting proper engineering standards and helping teams follow IaC and GitOps approaches

    • bring entire infrastructure from click-ops to Terraform managed (mostly AWS, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, elastic cloud, heroku, ...)

    • automated creation of Kubernetes clusters in AWS (reduced setting up new cluster from weeks to hours)

    • set up of staging Kubernetes environments on-prem, with various storage backends (Longhorn, Ceph Rook, and Portworx) and deployments using Flux and ArgoCD

    • provisioning and continous delivery of software (custom and infra) on a fleet of servers, serving 8+million requests per second

    • OCI image pipeline for automatic scanning of vulnerabilities and approving images used across a Fortune 1000 company

    • implemented dynamic secrets management as a replacement of plain text in a SaaS used mostly in USA, Canada and Europe

    • containerized multiple apps, optimized migrations (from 20 minutes to 2 minutes), migrated databases (code + infra), solving bugs in worker queues, ...

    • built chatbot, CI flows, feature flag systems, teaching developers k8s and terraform, designing architecture, ...

  • Remote work as tech lead in software developmentSelf employed

    Feb, 2019 - Present

    • [C, Python] kicking correct electron bunches to multiple beam-lines in a FEL accelerator (implementation, testing, observability, documentation and training)

    • [Go] working on new software backed distributed storage solution for a specific storage vendor

    • [Python, Typescript] backend and frontend revamp with migration to GraphQL, resulting in 40% faster operations (measured end-to-end on the frontend) and NPS score increase from -20 to 80

    • [Go] WebHook proxy, controller for LIN bus with web interface and full observability down to device level, stateless API for processing and aggregation of interlock-like signals in a distributed system

    • [Javascript] created a product from scratch and got to first 120 customers before selling the company to my co-founder

    • [Python] feature development and bug fixes on a large product for retailers (and restaurants), implementation of fast imports, migration to new snowflake and elasticsearch

    • Most proficient in Python and Go, I did a lot in Java, JavaScript and C/C++, comfortable with any programming language

  • Lead Developer and Arhitect, team leadCosylab

    Dec, 2014 - Feb, 20194 years 2 months

    Switzerland, Slovenia, Remote

    • Control systems and medical devices expert

    • Leading medical device development and writing arhitecture

    • Team lead and coach for 10+ developers

    • Automated testing development

    • Go-to guy for questions about expert timing and synchronization systems

    • Planning, reviewing advising and developing components for communication with industrial robots, optical tracking systems, PLCs, accelerator control, ...

    • Development of core framework, enabling easy set-up and reliable communication between software units, under medical standards

    • Lectures about kernel module development, low level interrupt handling, memory maps and communication with hardware, compilers and writing cross platform code

    • Involved with development of control and diagnostic software for laser synchronization systems

    • Driver and high level application development of timing system for accelerator control

    • In-depth knowledge of the MRF timing system (also written user manual and tutorial)

    • EPICS control system integration and device support

    • Development of EPICS CA tools

    • Co-development of beam synchronous data readout system

    • Real-time operation bug hunting in complex multi-threaded systems

    • Open source software development

    • Evaluating expert systems for performance (jitter, data throughput, reliability, ...)

    • Consulting with FPGA development

    • Solving bugs in expert hardware devices and proposing solutions

    • Involved with development of control and diagnostic software for low jitter (pico or sub-pico second range) RF signals distribution systems

    • Development of special purpose control system driver for a data acquisition device

    • Development of a readout-system, designed and built for the data acquisition of the LHC Diamond Beam Loss Monitors that provides on-line, dead-time-free acquisition and analysis of detector signals

  • All-rounder, Finančni trgi

    Jan, 2014 - Nov, 201410 months

    • Built high frequency trading application

    • Web development

    • Infrastructure maintenance

  • Senior developer and systems engineerSLOVENIA CONTROL, Slovenian Air Navigation Service

    Jan, 2009 - Jan, 20134 years

    • Preperation and leading of internal education and workshops

    • Company-wide information system and security polices design

    • Native application development for some vital systems used day-to-day (e.g. NOTAM)

  • Teacher / DeveloperFaculty of Computer and Information Science

    Jan, 2006 - Jan, 20093 years

    • Teaching programming courses

    • Organizing summer school and preparing the content

    • Developing software for learning Slovene language

    • Developing software for cataloging ethnological collections



  • Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Bachelor, University of Ljubljana

    Jan, 2005 - Jan, 2010